Alby Seniorer tar hem guldmästerskapet under SM veckan i Skellefteå

Alby Seniorer tar hem guldmästerskapet under SM veckan i Skellefteå idag.
18 lag tävlade om mästerskapet men till slut var de tre bästa lagen kvar. Alby seniorer, Alby unga stjärnor och Nacka. Efter Nackas två raka förluster var kampen mellan Alby senior o Alby unga stjärnor.Trots Alby ungas hårda försök att ta hem segern så vinner Seniorerna vilket inte är konstigt efter alla dessa år bakom sig. Vi gratulerar Alby Seniorer för den historiska Cricket Guldet.

Nooran Sisters Stockholm

The Nooran Sisters will blow you away with their mind-blowing live performances

The Nooran Sisters are all set to showcase their staggering musical talent in Sweden on 22nd December 2017, with their full live 12-person-strong band to present you a night of exquisite Sufi / Qawali / Fusion music in an awesome live concert in Konserthuset Stockholm. The concert is a collaboration between Riksteatern & Konserthuset Stockholm.

The Nooran Sisters – Jyoti Nooran and Sultana Nooran – are a Sufi singing duo from Sham Chaurasia gharana of classical music. They are Sufi singers from Jalandhar.

The sisters have been trained by their father Ustad Gulshan Mir. The Nooran sisters are known for powerful voices and performances and music which appeals to a wide audience, having won many awards and honors.

The Nooran Sisters are a long way from customary and are bound for overall mastery on account of their rich family legacy in Sufi traditional music. As of now having featured the renowned Nakodar Mela in Panjab, in nearness of the incredible Gurdas Mann – the sisters, Jyoti and Sultana are indeed the most astonishing and energizing act to leave Punjab lately. They have won numerous distinctions, including Best Bollywood Song at the International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA).

After working on the hit film Highway in 2014 and a subsequent line of follow-ups, the Nooran Sisters have become shining stars of Bollywood. They have also released several albums that have had an incredible impact – Sohna Tera Darbar Sherawaliye (Live); Sufi Magic from Nooran Sisters (Live); Yaar Gariban Da; and Meri Maa Best of Durga Mata Jagran Bhents and Bhajans.


The Nooran Sisters Friday 22 December 2017 19.00

Click here to book your ticket now

Price: 220 SEK

DISCOUNT: Students and senior citizents 150 SEK. Groups 180 SEK

The Main Hall currently has capacity for 1,770 people, spread across the stalls, first and second balconies and choir balcony. Each floor can be accessed by lift or the stairs. Due to the location of pillars, a number of seats have a fully or partially restricted view. These are indicated in the booking system. The hall has six wheelchair places.

Folk Studios - Deepak Kamboj

A platform for new music talent – Folk Studios

There was a period when individuals need to go into stores to purchase tracks or recorded, artist needs to look distributor through whom one can showcase the track, one has to complete the album and have to pay percentage from that specific album.

But, things have been changed now, the role of distributors has changed dramatically, internet has brought in the way people consume music. People spend more time online, and less money on physical music.

There are some underground artists all over, who did not get a chance to release their track due to many reasons – either they do not have proper channel to spread or have not ready whole album yet.

But, things have been changed for them too, now you can make your single track available to anywhere anyplace or anyone. All you have to do is to find out the right online music distribution platform.

This is where Folk Studios come, a platform which provides an opportunity to make your music available online. Folk Studios is a Record Label, a music studio, distribution channel for independent artists who might want to release their music on major digital channels like iTunes, Spotify, Saavn, Shazam, Deezer, Tidal, Amazon, Google Music to over 241+ markets worldwide.

Folk Studios

Folk Studios

founder Deepak Kamboj is an entrepreneur artist, a self-learned guitarist, bollywood singer based in Stockholm, Sweden. Deepak has established Folk Studios with Co-Founder Gourav Azad, a well-known and talented music producer/arranger/composer based in India.

Folk Studios vision is to identify talented music artists across the globe and provide them a platform to produce and launch their music on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, Deezer, Shazam, Saavn, Tidal etc.

An Interview with 91 year old mathematician Prof. Dr. Nazir Khan

It is an exceptional experience of having a part of a freedom or seeing a nation’s freedom by his own eyes. Last year, Ambassador of Pakistan in Sweden and Finland H.E. Mr.Tariq Zameer introduced one of the similar personality in an Urdu Mushaira which was organized by Asian Urdu Society in Stockholm, Sweden. He stated that we are really fortunate by Prof. Dr. Nazir Khan presence. Professor Dr. Nazir Khan is one of the personality who have seen Pakistan’s freedom through their own eyes. Dr. Nazir Khan is 91 years old now, born in November 1925 in Punjab. He Family originally belongs to Sawabi. His father was in Public Works Department and posted in a small town, situated between Lahore and Qasoor. He was an intelligent boy from the early age and got the distinction in Matriculation exams. He passed a short period in his family village due to his father’s death. Later, he enrolled in Islamia College University for his higher studies. He also received his Master’s degree from the same college. He was selected in Air Force in 1950. However, he couldn’t reject a lectureship opportunity from Edwardes College. A year later, he left the job and started his Pakistan

Army core studies in Kakul. But he resigned from Kakul soon as he had a dream to do Ph.D. from the University of Gottingen in Germany. And when he got a chance to met one of the diplomatic of German Embassy, who got really inspired with him and open an opportunity for him to finish his Ph.D. in Germany. He advised him to become a part of university faculty so that it would be easy to be enrolled in the university of Gottingen in Germany. And he decided to be a lecturer in Peshawar University. This was a turning point of his life and got a chance to grow himself, got awarded a scholarship to study in Germany and done his Doctorate there. He returned in 1957 after completing his studies and became an assistant professor in the faculty of Mathematics. Later, he became the chairman of the department in 1974 at Peshawar University. Mr. Khan devotion towards Mathematics spread him different place around the world, where he found noble women who are his 2nd wife and staying with him in Sweden.

91 years old Pro. Dr. Nazir Khan has given his recent interview to “URDU QASID” regarding the history of Pakistan which can be seen by video soon!

The government of Sweden is considering to impose additional taxes on airline tickets

The Swedish government is considering to impose a tax on airline ticket due to less VAT, cheap airlines, and greenhouse gasses. Talking with the journalist Per Bolund stated that taxes will be charged depending on the distance from 80 to 430 Kr to per single ticket which will be $8.8 to $48. This proposed consideration will be added in 2018 budget and it will be implemented from 1st January 2018. One of the members of Green Party Sweden expressed that this tax is a kind of reformation. However, Opposition is totally against it. they stated that this will lead the traffic to the neighbor country. And might move all those airline offices and companies.

Dr. Arif Kisanas ny bok AFKAT E TAZA har publicerats

afkaretaza2Sverigebaserade krönikör, journalist och administratör Stockholm Study Circle Dr Arif Mahmood Kisanas bok AFKAR E TAZA har publicerats på urdu. Detta är hans första bok som innehåller skrifter och intryck av ledande kolumnister från hela landet.

Denna bok har artiklar om Pakistansk historia och skapandet, pakistansk politik och Kashmirkonflikten, Indiens roll i subkontinenten, internationell politik och konflikter.

Boken har en detaljerande diskuterande skäl för terrorism, extremism, islam och Koranens verkliga budskap. Kvinnors rättigheter, könsdiskriminering och verkliga problem för kvinnor i det islamiska samhället. Rättigheter för funktionshindrade, minoritet och demokrati i muslimska samhället diskuteras också mycket logiskt. De socioekonomiska problem i samhället, mänskliga rättigheter och olika aspekter av kulturella frågor är också en del av denna bok. Det finns också kolumner om Sverige, system, liv, problem med invandringen och många andra aspekter. Rasismen och extremism i Europa och invandrings frågor tas också. Boken innehåller artiklar i olika ämnen som kan intressera varje individ.

Kolumnister vars artiklar och tankar finns i boken:
– Professor Muhammad Sharif Baqa, President av Majlis Iqbal London
– Ghulam Sabir, Ordförande av Iqbal Academy Scandinavia och pristagande författare
– Dr. Safdar Mehmood, föredetta federal sekreterare & kolumnist av dagstidningen JANG
– Tariq Ismael Sagar, författare och redaktör av dagstidningen Ausaaf Lahore
– Dr. Gulam Hussain, föredetta federal minister

Boken finns för försäljning i Pakistan och Azaad Kashmir, Amazon har också publicerat boken, följ länken nedan
Amazon Länk

Fira En Eko Vänlig Holi

Fira En Eko Vänlig Holi

Färg festivalen Holi firas (indisk färg festival) med ankomsten av våren, färger som används i Holi ska spegla de olika nyanserna av vårsäsongen.

För att minska miljöförstöringar som orsakas av dessa färger har, ICCS introducerat en miljövänligare Holi, som firas med färgsprakande blommor i olika färger som används istället för färger.

prima singh– Det här är tredje året vi firar Flower Holi, tanken bakom detta är att kunna fira holi på samma sätt som hemlandet fast mer eko vänligt, sade Prima Singh (Asisstent Direktör av Indian Culture Center Scandinavia)

Även denna år kommer Flower Holi att firas den 25 mars 2016. Festivalen kommer även att bestå av kulturella program och mycket mer.

För mer information klicka länken nedan.

Flower Holi 2016

Ännu en efterlängtad bollywood film av Pakistansk skådespelare Fawad Khan.

Kapoor and Sons trailer släpptes ut för 4 veckor sedan, filmen visas på bio den 18 mars i Stockholm och den 19 mars i Göteborg.

Historien om filmen kretsar kring vänskap mellan två bröder, vars föräldrar är också oroliga på grund av deras barnslighet. Båda bröderna har också argument vid flera punkter, men å andra sidan uttrycker båda kärlek till varandra. Vändpunkten i filmen börjar när en vacker ung flicka kommer in i deras liv, varefter deras verklighet testas.
Fawad Khan, Alia Bhat och Sidharth Malhotra är huvudrollen i Bollywood film Kapoor and Sons.

För information om visningar i Stockholm följ länken nedan
Event Details

För information om visningar i Göteborg följ länken nedan
Event Details

Bollywood Dhamaka

Bollywood Dhamaka | PBN & RAJ BAINS

Bollywood Dhamaka | PBN & RAJ BAINS | 5th January | Göta Källare, Stockholm | 21:00-03:00 | 18+ ID

Lets us welcome this New Year 2015 with a night that will BANG the floor!

Göta Källare in collaboration with Bollywood Dhamaka present the following GROUNDBREAKING news:

Joining us LIVE on stage is not only Nills from Professors but also for the first time in Stockholm, Sweden:

★★★ PBN & RAJ BAINS (TEAM PBN) alongside with DIPS (TEAMDIPS) ★★★

3 Style Entertainment & Nills from will be playing all the latest Bollywood/Bhangra hits throughout the night.

Main Act:
Known from “Aaj mein peeni, Kaun nachdi, Kaun nee jaandah, Boli, Go Crazy, Superstar, Phatte Chak De” & the latest singel “Nath dig pey” and many more..

This event is going to beat the system for sure!


★★★ PBN ★★★
Bhangra producer PBN & RAJ BAINS, who over the past years has brought us some of the biggest dancefloor anthems to hit bhangra will bring you top asian chart music live at your doorstep.

TEAM PBN has collaborated with many of the top names in the music industry. Among the names are Miss Pooja, Jassi Sidhu, Lehmber Hussainpuri, Malkit Singh and many more.

★★★ NILLS from the PROFESSORS.DJ ★★★
Has once again promised to take you guys into the fog with his exceptional DJ-skills. He is one of the hottest Desi DJ’s in London and will guarantee your evening with the best from Bollywood, bhangra, r&b and house. We guarantee that he will take it to the next level!

Professors – Strictly Entertainers!

★★★ Live dholi DIPS from TEAMDIPS ★★★
The UK’s Premiere Powerhouse of dhol performers and stage acts. As a team, they have fashioned music that is embodiment of modern Asian pop and have recorded many platforms for a variety of artists. Their live performancrs is a true example of kinetic energy, unbridled emotion and the highest level of showmanship. Unquestionably, the absolute Powerhouse of Presentation, Performance & Style.

Our media partner and

Any preferences regarding the music being played?
Write in the log!

We sincerely hope and believe that you guys will have an amazing night!


Monday, the 5th of January 2015

Göta Källare, Folkungagatan 45. 118 26 Stockholm (T-bana – Medborgarplatsen)

Age: 18+ (ID)
Entrance: 180 SEK
Doors open at 21:00 – 03.00

For table reservations, please send an e-mail to
For more info: +46 70 416 77 12


Bollywood Dhamaka


Folkungagatan 45, Stockholm, Sweden 118 26
+46 70 416 77 12
Website: FB Event Page

Lilla Japan Sushi, a Pakistani-owned Japanese Restaurant

Lilla Japan Sushi

Sohaib Muddasir

Lilla Japan Sushi, located in Enköping, is a contemporary Japanese restaurant that serves authentic Japanese, Sushi, Indian & Pakistani specialties in a friendly and upbeat environment. Enjoy freshly made sushi or opt for the popular Indian dishes, which arrives steaming hot to your table.

The restaurant was inspired by the Sohaib Mudassar’s (owner) love for Japanese culture and art, which is apparent by the tasteful appointments of Japanese artworks and traditional decor.  Sohaib Mudassar is belong to Punjab province from Pakistan. He starts his Sushi training in 1998 with Emi Komatsuzaki & Yotaka in Stockholm. In 2002 he visit Tokyo for advance training and got chance to explore Japanese art & culture.

In 2004, Sohaib Mudassar with his brothers Taufeeq Chohan & Tauseef Chohan started sushi bar, where guests can enjoy watching the chef prepare their fresh specialty sushi. From service to ambiance to food, Lilla Japan Sushi strives to create an exciting Japanese experience for each and every one of their guests.

Lilla Japan Sushi is proud to serve authentic Japanese & Indian food. With over 4 years of experience in Stockholm and even having completed his training in Japan, the chef is an expert in authentic Japanese cuisine. He has also worked there, which makes him very dynamic as well. With over 14 years of total experience in the food industry, the Chef is an expert in his field and brings his talents and exciting recipes to Lilla Japan Sushi.

Only the finest ingredients are used at Lilla Japan Sushi and the recipes remain purely Japanese, with no alterations. High quality imported fish for sushi is used. It has been said that Lilla Japan Sushi serves some of the finest sushi & authentic Indian dishes in Enköping and they look forward to having you share an authentic Japanese & Indian experience with them in the near future.