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Wahida Zennath Muma – a figure of transitioning culture

Wahida Zennath Muma – a figure of transitioning culture

It was different summer for her in 2010, glimpse of Stockholm was viewed first time from the window of an airplane. The aircraft touched down the ground safely with her all triumph, dreams, and new vision for her further steps of new dream in Sweden all the away thousands of miles from Bangladesh where the wind of culture was unlike Bangladesh. The dancer, Wahida Zennath Muma, Bangladeshi born, started her dancing career while she was five years of age. It was her mother who was her inspiration to be a dancer and the lure of glittery costumes brought Wahida to dance class in folk & general dances at the age of five in ‘Shishu Academy’, Chittagong, Bangladesh. At the same time she started taking dance lessons on classical dances. This start has taken her to numerous performances and competitions throughout Bangladesh.  Later, she went to India to further her dance studies on ‘Indian Classical Dance’ and ‘Albripu in Bharathanatyan’ from Natya Ramya (The School of Dance), Bangalore, India. Now, she has established herself one of the leading professional dancer in classical, modern, and folk dance forms. She has performed many dance programs on National television and private televisions in Bangladesh. She also revealed herself as a ‘model’ for different companies’ products in Bangladesh.

Recently, Wahida had a Bengali Folk Dance programme where she performed some traditional Bengali dances in front of a Swedish gathering and the dance formed was narrated by the Professor Christina Nygren from Stockholm University.

As an Independent Dance Artist, Wahida has had the pleasure of working with a variety of choreographers and companies, hence, for several years of her professional performances, she placed herself as a trained choreographer. She has successfully choreographed many events and dances in Bangladesh, India and Sweden. An accomplished choreographer and performer, Wahida is known for her creativity. She has conceived and choreographed numbers of full-length folk, classical, modern and Bollywood dance works.

In 1994 (general dance) and 1996 (folk dance), Wahida honored with ‘National Children’s Award’ from Bangladesh Shishu Academy. This is one of the most prestigious award in Bangladesh for the artist, scholars and other fields. She also awarded ‘Ekushey Padak’ from Chittagong division. This award introduced in memory of the martyrs in the Language Movement in Bangladesh which is awarded to individuals in recognition of their substantial contribution in their respective fields in national life. Apart from those awards, Wahida honored numbers of awards, competition under dance categories in Bangladesh and India.

At present, Wahida is working in Sweden as a independent dance performer, choreographer and teacher for classic, modern and folk dances including Bollywood dances. Her dream is to promote Bangladesh and Indian culture into the Swedish society and to establish a institution on different dance forms of Bangladesh in Sweden, that is why, She is spreading Bangladesh folk and traditional dances through her performances in Sweden. She has opened a dance school for Bengali and Indian dances (classical & modern Bengali and Indian dances, Bollywood dances, folk & tribal dances)

Wahida’s Indisk Dansskola

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