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TCC - Trollhattan Cricket Club is a renewed club that has existed before but which was ended when the team members grew older and no new generation took over.

Now the team has been given a fresh start with new forces, new aspirations, new goals. Of course, our elderly pioneers tought us cricket and we are all sincerely grateful for it.

Now the club has started and consists of several very experienced players from Australia, New Zealand, England, Pakistan, India, Germany, etc., and also beginners with strong enthusiasm for cricket.

The club also has an active youth activities with the goal of each season to increase his youths in cricket. Make them ready for a place among the best in Sweden.
Cricket today is not so important for Swedish sport, but with several cricket teams in Sweden, we believe that it is only a matter of time before cricket shows up at our Swedish channels.

We will shortly introduce ourselves as a team of Swedish
SM-CRICKET. We want and hope to learn from the active teams in Sweden to develop our club.

0704 - 08 71 37
0737- 435 306
0768- 847 311

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