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Fix My Phone is a fast-growing and popular store chain where you can repair your mobile phone and tablet. In addition to iPhone and iPad repair, we also repair devices from other manufacturers, such as Samsung and Sony. Regardless of problems on your mobile phone, we will help you. Broken mobile glass and broken screen for the most advanced repairs on a mobile phone or tablet is our daily work. Every day we receive hundreds of devices, including broken mobile phones and tablets from brands such as HTC, Samsung Galaxy, Apple and LG. Most repairs will be completed within 1-2 hours. Our store on the back floor can be found at Coop and Lindex. We are located at Backaplan in Gothenburg and you can get here easily by both public transport and car. Outside our shop there is free parking.
We can fix your mobile phone quickly and easily! Cracked display, broken charging socket or camera? We help you with mobile repair in our store at Backaplan in Gothenburg. Of course, it is also possible to order your repair online and send the mobile phone to us by post.
We repair and service Apple equipment quickly, cheaply and with high quality. When changing the screen on the iPhone, we always use good spare parts where the glasses have a grease-repellent treatment. Regardless of whether you have an iPhone or iPad, we help with everything from a broken screen, change the battery, change the charging contact, change the back, change the microphone, change the home button, change the volume button and many other repairs.

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