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I have dreamed of creating a concept that reflected the extensive cultural and kulinatiska heritage of India and Nepal, the two neighboring countries. Now, after eight years Prashad is here to fulfill my dream of serving authentic Indian and Nepalese food to all food lovers. The recipes I have chosen define the journey from Nepal through the high mountains of the Himalayas, to the beach bank of the Ganges, the Mogul Kings kingdom (where biryani originated), further to Delhi (where butter chicken come from), up to rice fields in Punjab (where it is served tandoori chicken, Chole and paranthas made of many layers). The journey continues over the high plateaus at Peshawar to the heart of Karachi and from Kanya Kumari in the south to Ladakh in the north through Mumbai’s rush hour. The menu satisfies the taste buds with the sour and strong flavors from West Bengal, delicacies from Mughalerna, Butter chicken from Delhi to the milder and softer flavors of the south. This culinary story highlights the best and most interesting traditional dishes and I hope they will create as many good memories with you that these rights have given me.

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